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This modern hotel building houses a large number of rooms, some of which date back to the early 20th century. It is one of the most popular hotels in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with rooms from the late 19th century to the mid-1950s and early 1960s.

The decor is rather simple, the rooms are decorated in their brown hue, but this lack ensures spaciousness at an affordable price. The hotel offers great views of Mount Pleasant and a good selection of restaurants, bars and shops.

The rooms are standard, simple and the nearest restaurant is a McDonald's, which is about 1.5 km away. To escape the fast food chain, guests should head to Ihop Restaurant, which is about half as far away but is a great place for a quick meal.

There are four different hotels within a mile of Pohlcat, and Green Suites ( offers golfers a bonus. The golf course and casino are located north of the city centre, but all accommodation is only about 800 metres from Pohlcat Golf Course.

In addition to slot machines and card games, the complex offers several restaurants, from cafes, souvenir shops and snacks to Italian restaurants. The hotel also offers a full-service bar and a restaurant with a capacity for events for up to 700 people. A new H4 guest room design offers flexible solutions that adapt to each guest's individual needs, allowing guests to work or relax wherever and however they want, and make the space their own.

The hotel also has a swimming pool, fitness centre and spa, and adults can leave their children at home where they can enjoy themselves and look forward to losing or winning a week. Other hotel amenities include a heated pool for sweating, with a hot tub, sauna, steam room and saunas starting at $1,000 per day or $2,500 per month for a year.

A continental breakfast includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for $5 per day or $10 per week for a year, and guests can pick up complimentary coffee and newspapers in the lobby. When you visit Mount Pleasant Michigan Hotels and Resorts in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you can count on our free daily email newsletter to help you meet your deadlines.

Find the best hotels on Yelp and search for reviews from 162 Mount Pleasant companies by price, type and location. See which 2 of the 12 hotels in Mt Pleasant ranked 2 or 12 in their category and rated 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor, and which were rated 4, 5 or 5.

Chippewa Motel ( is a simple, no-frills, two-story motel located next to Soaring Eagle Casino. The suite is run by the Saginaw ChippingewA Indian tribe - only the accommodation offers slot machines as part of the prize. Guests can purchase discounted vouchers and reserve golf packages that include extras such as a game cart.

Get a full-service hotel room at Mount Pleasant Motel (Mt, which is named separately for its proximity to Soaring Eagle Casino.

Located in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Michigan, it is just one mile from Soaring Eagle Casino and a half-hour drive from downtown Detroit and Detroit.

The stunning lobby is a wonderful place to have breakfast, enjoy high-speed wireless Internet access and socialize with other guests. Janice Ibershoff, Director of Operations, said, "On behalf of Amerilodge Group, the Holiday Inn Suites team is proud to have had the opportunity to serve the Mount Pleasant community and our guests as the H4 host for the past three years. Rick Rautanen, Managing Director said: "We are excited to offer the traveling public accommodation and we are excited to work with the community to find a new accommodation option that meets their needs. I enjoy working with him and seeing him. The new concept Holiday Hospitality Inn H 4 to our cozy communities. "We are pleased to announce that we have reached agreement with Holiday Hotel Group," said John D. Schumacher, President and CEO of Holiday Hotel Group and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The Expedia Hilton Columbus Downtown offers a diverse mix of modern, contemporary and contemporary hotel rooms and suites that reflect the spirit and energy of the area. Enjoy a stunning art collection with more than 20,000 artworks from around the world, as well as a hotel with high-speed wireless Internet access and a full-service restaurant. HiltonColumbus Downtown offers a unique blend of modern and contemporary hotel rooms and suites that reflect the vibe and energy of the area, with an emphasis on comfort, comfort and convenience for guests of all ages and abilities.

The 130 rooms, including 20 suites, feature a new design, Introducing H4, which stands for happiness, hospitality and the home of the Holiday Inn. The rooms are decorated in the brown colours of the hotel and are quite ordinary, but rollaway beds can be added on request.

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More About Mount Pleasant