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Art Van Furniture is the latest addition to the Mount Pleasant Art Center in the city of Mt. Pleasant. Today it was announced that Wendel Van Van, owner of furniture store Art Van, will become the new owner and operator of a new art center in Mount Pleasure.

The second generation family retailer, which recently expanded its 35,000 square foot site and expanded to its new location in Mt. Pleasant, will also integrate its well-known specialist departments, including Art Van PureSleep and Clearance Center. Wendels Home Design will build on the success of its home furnishing business and continue to lead its existing high-end furniture and accessories lines through its studio at its current location at Mount Pleasant Art Center. Wendels Home Design will also serve as the new owner and operator of a new art center in Mount Pleasure.

Advertisements and seasonal sellers help customers see how they can save money on furnishings all year round. In addition to outlet deals, Art Van Furniture offers a wide range of products that customers can buy in-store and online as well as through its online store.

In addition to typical offers, Art Van Furniture also sells special offers in the form of outlet articles. For sleeping areas in the bedroom, it offers a wide range of bed linen, pillows and other furniture, as well as a variety of accessories. The bedroom equipment includes panels and slatted beds for space - saves lofts, bedside tables and chairs, a bed-to-bed sofa or even a full-size bed.

With a catalogue that covers every room in the house, the company presents designs from all over the world. The majority of Wendels Home Design items are for special orders, with design projects stretching beyond Michigan State, including Colorado, Florida and Hawaii.

Buyers of Art Van Furniture will find bedroom sets that furnish entire rooms in coordinated colours and styles. The historic Mount Pleasant Downtown district includes the surrounding eight blocks and is located in the center of the intersection of Broadway and Main in Mount Pleasant. These structures are more classic in detail and mainly comprise buildings with less than three floors. They are close to each other and on the sidewalks and are set back from the street, especially on the east and west sides of the city.

The brand is sold in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Art Van Furniture has grown from a Detroit store in 1959 to more than 200 locations in nine states on the East Coast and Midwest. The company is family-owned and shares the firm commitment of the company to its employees, customers, employee families and employee communities. Art Van Furniture is the largest independent furniture retailer in the United States and the second largest in North America. It is one of only two independent furniture retailers in Michigan, and there are only a handful of other stores in other states with similar locations.

The Mount Pleasant Downtown Historic District is a historic business district roughly bounded by the Thompson and Dusenbury blocks of 111 and 119 East Broadway. The buildings were built in the 1910s and 1920s, and a number of buildings in the district were built in this style. There are other significant late Victorian buildings built around the turn of the century, but there is no evidence that any of these or other buildings date back to the late 19th century. If a building is demolished due to fire damage or other reasons, a new building is built to replace it, leading to a mix of styles within the districts.

In the 1920s and 1930s, the street scene began to change as concrete paved streets and sidewalks were added. In the 1950s, the street was transformed by paving roads, diverting traffic and redesigning sidewalks in some areas.

A number of other commercial businesses opened in what is now downtown, and the city's business district stretched over much of downtown Mount Pleasant and parts of its east and west sides.

In 1875 the village was incorporated into the municipality, but also suffered a devastating fire that destroyed almost the entire town centre. In 1884, 2000 people lived in Mt. Pleasant and several churches were built. Public utilities such as water and electricity were installed in the 1880s and the city incorporated in 1889.

In the 1930s, an oil boom brought the city an influx of money and continued prosperity. When the Great Depression slowed the country's economy, the Mt. Pleasant economy was cushioned by the continued prosperity of the oil industry in the United States and Canada.

Charlotte also enjoys the beauty of Mt. Pleasant, a place she loves very much, and she thrives on the time she spends with her children and grandchildren.

In 1965, the family settled in Mt. Pleasant, where her husband Burton was an art professor at Central Michigan University. Charlotte enjoys going out, playing bridge and getting involved in the arts scene at Mt Pleasant and the CMU. David and his wife Lisa, who are very active in the community, will continue to run their art gallery.

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More About Mount Pleasant